Hello lover

November 21, 2006

(Booties by Scorah Pattullo)

pattulloGreat prints are a necessity in life, just like sunshine, fresh air, what have you. I don’t do such precarious heels, but this bootie is fantastic.

The profile just does not do the shoe justice for it’s in the full frontal that they become absolute killers.

Prints (and in conjunction with a stellar shoe) can bring such joy! If only the world were painted in prints.


4 Responses to “Hello lover”

  1. eurobrat Says:


    Not for me, but I can definitely appreciate them Especially with purple tights.

  2. i just found your website and you won over me with this delicious treat. but, 300 pounds talk about a pocket book crunch!

  3. minirobot Says:

    ₤300…my thoughts exactly. Perhaps a holiday sale will bring them within reach.

  4. lesecretaire Says:

    Im not particularly the biggest fan of “star prints” however, these ankle boots have me thinking otherwise…perhaps with an 80s mini fitted black dress and tights/no tights with a bomber jacket..hmmmm.

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