Got to get it on

November 15, 2006

(Gocco print by Loosetooth)

A dear friend recently returned from a stint in Tokyo with a most precious gift, something I had wanted for ages: a Print Gocco. Now instead of spending dull hours printing some gnome holiday cards at the printers, I can now create to my heart’s delight in the comfort of my own home. Although last year’s gnomes had watercolour painted hats, this year’s run will be all handmade love.

I’m reading up on the tips and techniques and I must say I am a little scared of the device. I nearly want to tuck it away under the bed until I am ready to deal with the immense possibility and power of this wee contraption. Matt offered to babysit Gocco for me until I stopped being a scaredycat, but I think I have to seize the opportunity and print, dammit, print!


7 Responses to “Got to get it on”

  1. matt Says:

    a) i want a gnome holiday card printed on the gocco.

    b) i want a gocco printer.

    c) i want a photo of your gocco printer.

    d) these are things i want.


  2. eurobrat Says:

    Great image.

    I have never heard of gocco printers…

  3. minirobot Says:

    hi adeleine,
    they’re these small and portable screenprinting “toys” made in japan that have a huge cult following outside of japan. recently it was announced that they would no longer be produced, so was established. i first heard of them in 2000 and have been dreaming of them since. my dream has now come true.
    check out:
    for other great gocco art.

    matt: i have a gocco pg-10 super
    i’m surprised that c) isn’t “i want your gocco printer”; i can, however offer you a bounty of MESH

  4. eurobrat Says:

    Oh I love them! Thanks for the links.

  5. shin Says:

    hey. we made out holiday cards using a gocco. awesome.

  6. minirobot Says:

    holiday cards i didn’t receive? not so awesome. heard about your plaid shirt score; that, however is quite awesome.

  7. Kate Says:

    I just received my Gocco today…I don;t know what to do with it…I’m scared of using it! Did you find any particular online tutorials helpful?


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