November 13, 2006

Tretorn skerry
(Tretorn skerry boots)

So they’re not the most elegant boots ever, but their ugliness carries a certain charm. The charm of playful praticality, and I love them for it. With all the grey rainy days, it is a pleasure to clomp around outside in these. I have even been purposefully stepping into puddles and have even reverted to such childlike behaviour as kicking up splashes of water (but not at people of course). When has a pair of shoes last ellicited such sheer glee?

I realize I’ve treated my shoes with kid gloves for too long. Shoes are meant to be worn, and worn in. Until recently I kept my Cydwoq saddle boots on a pedestal but finally I got over the ridiculour fear of ruining them and broke them in, and furthermore can’t wait for them to get worn and a bit dirty.

What often attracts me to a person’s style of dress is less the item but how they have turned an item into a staple all their own, how the piece has been shaped to their character over time and with commitment. Let us not fear puddles or rain or wear, for these trials will only build character. But if you do fear poor weather, get some sweet rubber boots to enjoy it in.


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