If it’s gonna be done

November 10, 2006

(from seven)

I like sweater dresses, but not as a trend. Nowhere is it mentioned that this knit dress is a good idea in theory (ie while standing up) but the minute you sit down for a period longer than a moment, the knit -and thus one’s ass- becomes misshapen. The sweater dress how-to guides have been posted hither and thither and do heed some advice on length, fibres, etc, but mark my words that they do not translate well if sitting in lectures all day or at the desk -plus which most of them will probably start to pill around said area…ew.

Regardless of the trend, this Jeremy Scott dress is darling and right up my alley. I would just be sure to wear it on an day walking around or a night standing around (just not sitting or else perhaps some strategically placed cartoony eyes might just get bigger).


2 Responses to “If it’s gonna be done”

  1. eurobrat Says:

    Fab. I like Jeremy Scott.

    True, you would have to watch the bust area when seated… lol.

  2. minirobot Says:

    I remember when Jeremy Scott was just hitting the scene and wondered if he had staying power -a sense of humour definitely helps.

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