Comme des babushkas

October 27, 2006

pavlovo posad
My aunt once went to Russia to study folk art with the Masters. When she returned with beautiful objects adorned with florals and high gloss varnishes, I was totally mesmerized; I fell in love with those florals -such deep and vibrant colours- and long since admired the craft and history behind them.

I’ve been obsessed with these scarves and am on a quest to find the perfect one. Pavlova Posad, the famed Russian scarf institution has a vast collection of prints that I have been admiring from afar. It seems as though all the prints are subject to the approval of a aesthetic governing council consisting of discerning artists from the the factory, reps from the Ministry of Culture, and Moscovite folk art experts. They really take this seriously. Amazing.

When winters are long, I need an occasional bright and pretty thing to cheer me up. A few years ago at Tout va bien in Shibuya, I bought a letterman jacket style sweatshirt covered with amazing florals in this folk art style and it has been like a trusted friend, a staple in the comfort side of my wardrobe. Big florals are rarely done well and these scarves are never seen around these parts. I really regret passing one up at a Polish church bazaar.

Until I find the one for me, I will keep dreaming in florals. Damn that old world charm.


One Response to “Comme des babushkas”

  1. eurobrat Says:

    Damn that old world charm indeed.

    I’m obsessed with Russian history and am dying to visit Petersburg…

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