I really like you.

October 24, 2006

Lula girl of my dreams
While lollygagging after a drop off at the post office, I pass by my local Renaud Bray in search of Jalouse, alas these coveted few copies usually go the first week of the month. November’s Dazed and Confused has yet to arrive and I rifle past a charming cover that reads, “Lula girl of my dreams.” Oh? I pick it up and my fingers dance with delight flipping through the thick satin pages. At $13.95, it’s a bit steep seeing as I just dropped a small wad on Pop magazine, but Lula is dense with content -both amazing fashion stylings and interviews with intriguing personalities and virtually no advertising!!- and is well worth the price. Ultimately it was the interview with Natalie Press (who was extraordinary in My Summer of Love) that sent me scurrying to the cash register -I just had to learn more about a girl who can deliver like that.

Yes, it’s a charming and girly magazine, but not sickly sweet. There is just enough that is raw in there to prevent it from being overly polished or contrived. (And the typeface is beautiful too!) Lula, you have a fan in me; I’m sure others have said this, but you may just be the girl of my dreams.

Having just gotten Vitamin P and Art Now vol. II, Pop mag and now Lula, I must now convene with the books.


2 Responses to “I really like you.”

  1. Crystal Says:

    the typeface is kursivschriftstehend

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