Better than George’s sable hat

September 3, 2006

(Mischa Lampert Nana hat)

I recall a Seinfeld episode where George gets Elaine to buy him a Russian sable fur hat on the J. Peterman expense account, and discovers said hat contains great powers for sustaining warmth in the dead of winter that eventually lead George to renounce all winter outerwear in favour of this one mega hat. When trying on winter toques and winter headwear, I must sheepishly admit to using this reference as a barometer of whether or not a hat will hold its own against the harsh (but increasingly less so) winter climate.

A friend recently turned me onto Mischa Lampert, whose beautifully nubby and sculptural knit hats were described by him as “individually perfect,” with thick luxe cashmere and amazing craftsmanship and construction. The designer splits her time between New York, London and Holland -a Dutch sensibility definitely shines through her pieces. I’m particularly fond of her Nana and Fisher XL styles. These hats are enough to make me wish for a brisk winter, and if that’s what it turns out to be, I’m almost convinced this would be all I need to keep warm.


3 Responses to “Better than George’s sable hat”

  1. Kate Says:

    Ooh, it looks lovely and cosy!

  2. citypixie Says:

    i have the “rap hat” and it is AWESOME.

  3. John Says:

    Yes i dont know if you would know but i want to buy the same exact hat george wore, where can i get one? mabey a website

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