Shoes in disguise

September 2, 2006

(photo from Creatures of Comfort)

I don’t have a great love of handbags; rather I found ones I like hard to come by, and it’s not until I live with them for a while that I truly begin to warm up to them. (That’s why vintage bags are so great for people like me: less financial risk and much more one-a-kind payoff once you discover you love it and it fits in your life). Most of the time it’s the overtness, the extraness of handbags that turns me off -too many bells and whistles often begging for attention. Plain, simple, and utilitarian styles in beautiful leathers are my bag.

But when you find all of the above plus a sense of humour, a dash of cheekiness and still manages to be au courant, is there a real find. Case in point: the A’N’D double (and single) brogue shoe zipper bag. Available in either a pair of brogues or a single shoe, it may not be the perfect everyday companion, but it is something I might want to have some fun with. Just like Margiela’s football shaped black leather tote, this is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek stickin’ it to the handbag establishment.


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