Clearing the closets

August 25, 2006


A random search for “Rachel Comey” on eBay turned up this nice little galaxy silk top. I clicked the “watch item” button and returned to it a couple days later to discover, upon closer inspection, that this item along with a whole slew of other castoffs originate from the closet of Tori Spelling. Weird. Very weird, especially since it comes from a personal wardrobe rather than say, a production wardrobe. There’s just something funny about the whole thing.

Perhaps a more appropriate (and altruistic) place for these items would be a local charity shop, as Hilary Alexander’s Telegraph article reports:

Indeed, in affluent neighbourhoods across the land, charity shops are benefiting from celebrity boredom; the malaise afflicting the rich and stylish who spend a fortune on clothes and accessories they will only wear once or twice. There is only so much storage space – even in a six-bedroomed, four-storey Georgian townhouse or sprawling 16th- century manor – where you can keep all those Dolce & Gabbanas, Versaces, Manolos and Guccis. Some of it has to go – and generally it goes straight to the local Oxfam, Barnado’s, Sue Ryder, Cancer Research UK or British Heart Foundation outlet, albeit generally dropped anonymously in the ubiquitous black bin-liner by a friend or the cleaning lady.

Generally, it should go to the Salvation Army or similar thrift store. If a celebrity Oscar dress can be donated to an Oxfam charity shop in an effort to aid and feed children in Tanzania for a month, shouldn’t some ordinary clothes and even pajamas go there too? Tori’s auctions are really racking up some green; perhaps the proceeds are going to charity and they just forgot to mention it? I hope so.


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