It’s that time of year again

August 16, 2006

Every fall season, I succumb to Cydwoq at least once, twice, (or thrice) -and this season looks as though it will be no different. I feel grateful to have met with Cydwoq shoes as they are the most comfortable I’ve worn. They have a high, supportive arch, and even once when suffering from multiple blisters, my soles found great relief in a pair of Cydwoqs -and a pump heel, no less. I tried everything from walking around the house barefoot to wearing flip flops, birkenstocks, whatever. The only shoes that comforted my battered feet were these shoes. Cydwoq soles feel like orthopedics.

I always appreciate and love it when the core styles of a brand/line are continually available, no matter how many years pass; Cydwoq always brings back the tried and true and adds in a couple more to their repertoire every season and is constantly experimenting with new leathers. Just when I think I’m covered and that I have all the Cydwoq one could ever want need, I’m hit with some magnificent new styles or a beautifully textured leather, and the will to abstain thus weakens. Case in point, the Saddle boot:  tall, beautiful crocodile embossed, eggplant leather.

NB: Cydwoq uses vegetable dyes for their leather, recycled product packaging and water-based adhesives for their shoes, and are made in Burbank, CA. I would gladly be an apprentice.


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