Nice to meet you too

August 10, 2006

Yesterday I schlepped over to Jorg & Olif and tried out the 8 speed oma bicycle. From the moment I stepped through the frame and rode off down 6th, I knew the bicycle was a special one. It felt much different than all others, and it certainly was a fun ride -I was probably riding around with a huge grin on my face. The posture is extremely upright, and while it feels like you’re cruising around in a Schwinn, it has a very dandy and graceful look. I definitely felt like a lady riding it. A very leisurely vehicle, it has a calming effect much like a rocking chair.

I could imagine myself in full autumn garb -trench coat, skirt, tights, boots and must not forget, the ubiquitous scarf- and not a speck of mud on my clothing thanks to the front mud flap, no grease (thank you chain guard) and no overcoat overhang getting caught up in the wheels/brakes (praise the the coat guard)!

I love the bicycle, but have to try the Biomega before I make my decision. The 8 speed oma would be perfect for the slopes and hills in Montreal, but it is definitely not a speed demon -and doesn’t claim to be: “After all, it’s not about getting from A to B; it’s enjoying the in-between.”

Among the myriad pros of the bicycle, one con however, is that the bike’s rare beauty is a huge attention getter, and therefore would definitely attract thieves -I’ll have to haul a crazy lock around wherever I go.

The fact that this sort of bicycle has been around Holland for ages and is typically seen on any given street in Northern Europe, just goes to show how a classic -impeccably designed- endures.


2 Responses to “Nice to meet you too”

  1. Claudie Says:

    That bike looks/sounds extremely cool.

  2. minirobot Says:

    It’s Super Cool!

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