Jewelry aquatic

July 30, 2006

(the divine Heremiti ring by Moea at AlohaRag)

What better inspiration than nature, and more specifically the ocean? Hawaiian jewelry designer Jennifer Binney of Moea makes beautiful jewelry with oceanic influences, very simple and poetic, naturally.

I have been admiring this ring from afar for over a year, but haven’t purchased it for a reservation about buying jewelry for oneself (I’ve put it in the shopping cart, unloaded and loaded a couple times…) For some reason, a hundred dollar barrier comes up when buying jewelry for myself, as if anything more extravagant would be construed as a sign of vanity or flagrant consumption.

Other things, I don’t fret over, but the significance of jewelry for some reason strikes me as a sacred purchase, only to be exercised on special occasions: an engagement, a birthday, a reward for reaching a big milestone, etc. I feel as though I could only possibly enjoy and deserve this gorgeous piece if I were to really work for it -though I have a couple big goals in mind that, should I achieve, perhaps then I would be so deserving.


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