Sweet Adele

July 29, 2006

(Pumps at Creatures of Comfort)

There are several pairs of beautiful Adele Clarkes in size 10 on sale at Creatures of Comfort -can someone please buy them already? It pains me that they’re not being worn and are languishing in a box, they must adorn a pair of feet post haste!

Adele Clarke’s footwear aesthetic is something I feel a kinship with. They are beautiful, with unusual cuts and shapes, the textures look lovely and rich, and they somehow also manage to look sensible and practical -no wonder since she has said herself, “I can’t tolerate uncomfortable shoes. I’m really difficult like that.” Her designs for Hussein Chalayan’s footwear line also communicate her amazing aesthetic -I saw the collection and admired it immediately, only finding out later that she was the woman behind these beautiful shoes.

(Hussein Chalayan s/s 2006 footwear collection)

(Some favourites from Chalayan f/w 2006)

With little financial backing, her line is almost entirely independently financed -got to give her props for that. That kind of hard work requires a real dedication to the craft and only speaks of a true love and appreciation for shoes -and I admire her and her shoes for it.


2 Responses to “Sweet Adele”

  1. eurobrat Says:

    I am in complete agreement- with you re: those shoes needing to be on someone’s feet pronto, and her personal philosophy re: comfortable shoes…

  2. minirobot Says:

    Happy to report that shortly after this post when I was checking in to see how those sweeties were doing, they were no longer there! They’ve found a home!!

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