Pimp my ride

July 27, 2006

(Photo from the Sartorialist)

My tried and true means of transport, my bicycle, is in dire need of an upgrade. Style has never been a big concern in the past, just as long as it gets me from point a to b, is fast and dependable. The bicycle I’ve had for the past five years has been good to me, and I to it (I had rescued it from abandonment and repaired it into good working order), but as much as we’ve had some good times together, I think I am ready to move up the ladder. Logging almost 1500km per year, I really should be riding something better suited to the distance and commuter wear -and perhaps a bit more stylish.

What gets me around now is a frame very well suited to my size -but kind of a rustbucket- is blue with red paint underneath, and I’ve added a front basket to accomodate my handbags and change of footwear I bring to the office. Yes, she may be an eyesore, but I really love her so!

I’ve been intending to purchase a better bike for years and have long been eyeing Biomega. They’re very design-beautiful, streamlined and extremely functional. Biomega bikes are intelligently designed; all the fundamentals of a good bike are encorporated in every model. While I love the sportiness of the Copenhagen, I think the upright posture and mustache handlebars of the Amsterdam (in cocoa) are more suitable for me (description from Biomega):

A quintessential piece of Biomega integration – Amsterdam spins of from its Dutch heritage and morphs from classic into a new style city bike. Larger, Softer rounded shapes makes pleasing to the eye and qualitatively durable.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? Plus it is chainless, and thus greaseless and no worry of rusty chains winter after winter. But in my bike research, I came across a more traditional Dutch bicycle from Jorg & Olif of Vancouver.

These bicycles are equipped with a sweet saddle, dynamo powered front and rear lights, and a “traditional Dutch bell.” Jorg & Olif even offer accessories ranging from a very cute Jorg&Olif cap, equestrian-style bike helmets and even a scarf to look convincingly Dutch.Tough beans, but I guess the decision comes down to functionality and whether I want to go old-school or modern. I somehow feel a great deal of allegiance to my rough and tumble blue bike, however scrappy she looks. Some people have the luxury of owning two cars -a practical one and perhaps a more stylish ride- and many people I met in Copenhagen had two bikes (just in case), I don’t see why I can’t have both. Afterall, the bicycle is quite an awesome thing indeed.


4 Responses to “Pimp my ride”

  1. Silus Grok Says:

    I, too, am eyeing the J&O… I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

  2. scott Says:

    i have a J&O and it is great. i went with the one speed oma. i like th upright riding position. it forces me to look at things around me when i ride than just looking at my handle bars. a really cool adn styling ride!!

  3. minirobot Says:

    I’ll be in Vancouver next week and hopefully will get to try out a J&O!

  4. Silus Grok Says:

    I’ve driving up to Vancouver ( from Salt Lake City ) on the 15th of August to test-drive one… I, too, am looking at a single-speed Oma.

    I’m so stoked!

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