Friendly fashion

July 26, 2006

(Filippa K dress from Oak)

I saw a petite, heavily pregnant young woman walking around the neighborhood in this dress. The drape of the dress was amazing and she, bra-less, wearing white canvas slip-ons and sporting heavy bangs, was just the picture of beauty. Though it was a hot and humid day, she looked amazing.

That’s the thing with Filippa K (no doubt compounded by the fact that this girl was wearing it well), whether it be the dead of winter or the height of summer, her stuff always looks fresh.

A longtime devotee of the line, I appreciate Filippa for the following reasons:

  1. The clothes fit well and flatter, use quality fabrics, and have a long life (the trousers are nice and masculine, and she makes a mean winter coat);
  2. The prints are unique. Case in point: I spotted a shirt with a beautiful peacock print in Copenhagen in the fall of 2002, stalked it for a season, didn’t buy and always regretted. The print haunted me until finally one day last winter the shirt crossed my path again (eBay) and now lovingly hangs in my closet. Needless to say, the print was a memorable one;
  3. Having signed up to receive their catalogue in 2002, I without fail continue to receive them the beginning of every fall and spring -something small that speaks of the brand’s consistency and reliability.

I’ve actively had to seek out Filippa wares upon returning from Europe as the line isn’t widely available in North America – but with Want Agency heading up distribution here, that is slowly changing. With little advertising and press, the brand has been growing into a mini-empire; and with an underlying philosophy of simplicity and longevity in the clothes, it should continue to flourish. This is friendly fashion.


PS: All of Oak‘s stock is 50% off, but damn…the super cute and functional tres bag is sold out!


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