The polarizer

July 23, 2006

(Boots from Azzedine Alaïa f/w 2006)

A t-shirt with private parts thinly veiled as a googly-eyed face, I do not find obscene in the least. A pair of thigh-high patent boots covered in wavey thick black fur? Perhaps more so. I saw these boots and stared slack-jawed for a moment, in awe of their unabashed and utter “extra”-ness. Certainly never one for a practice in restraint, this “master” hailed as the champion of sexiness has produced this crazy boot for 2006 f/w.

The shoe line is utterly amazing, feminine and beautiful, if only for a particular woman. (Though these I find entirely awesome and wearable):

But when things get a little staid – with the run of the mill stiletto, platform, and boot – throw a ridiculously hairy boot in the mix and that’ll get people’s attention. Still grappling with these as a specimen of footwear and fashion, I haven’t even thought of what they would look like on and who would wear them. I would rather see these in a costume archive than anywhere in real life (unless worn in jest perhaps by someone like Amy Sedaris); they would be marvelled at for years to come as an artifact of our decadent age.

(They have a remarkable resemblance to a windjammer covered mic).


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