Cool as a cucumber

July 17, 2006

(photo from Bon&Ging)

A way to look elegant despite the scorching summer heat without subscribing to the typical sundress (though the good ones can be so good) and looking like you’re dressing with the sole intention of keeping cool, is in wearing some interesting shapes and unusual silhouettes. Seems like kind of a tall order until I stumbled across this collection recently.

Don’t know much about Bon&Ging, but I liked their aesthetic immediately. This sister team makes some beautiful pieces, stuff that I could totally wear – and the models look rather petite so their stuff should work for short people. So simple, youthful, and elegant. There’s a Bon&Ging store in Los Feliz, but no retail listing and most probably aren’t stocked anywhere in Canada. The flock of emerging young designers keeps growing, and to my frustration the access here is terribly limited.


One Response to “Cool as a cucumber”

  1. i love their pieces too.
    i need to make a trip to la to visit their newly opened boutique.

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