July 15, 2006

(via Urban, Lover at LaGarconne, Samantha Pleet)

Seems a small trend has surfaced, and only time will tell if it takes hold. The plaid shirt/tunic isn’t something I feel averse to, however it seems like such a individual style/look that it would seem strange to see them on the backs of hipsters everywhere. Much like the legging trend, this style would be interesting only if seen rarely. However, even though madras plaid was coopted by many, it never seemed to hit big.

But isn’t the greatest thing about this potential trend the fact that it could serve double-duty as sleepwear and daywear. Rolling out of bed wearing this and into the day, the grunge look would be down pat – if it’s to be worn with reference to that era…or perhaps the leggings look will endure coupled with the plaid shirt and jazz shoes…


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