The convergence of interests

July 13, 2006

(Les Prairies de Paris boots from Satine)

A love of blue-green leather, laser cutting, and a fetish for boots converge in this boot from Les Prairies de Paris – I love when things just come together so perfectly. Details like inlays and laser cutting are something I find infinitely interesting and utterly exquisite on a pair of shoes. It is the intricate and subtle details and labour of a skilled craftsperson that make me love and appreciate footwear.

My first big ticket shoe purchase was a pair of Gianna Meliani black low cone-heeled pumps with a laser cut abstract floral pattern and accompanying etched lines that revealed black suede lining underneath. This became the standard for my shoes henceforth and marked the beginning of a great relationship.

In other news, two people/things of interest have also come together in a most harmonious fashion: the talent of Sophia Kokosalaki and French mail order catalogue La Redoute have announced a collaboration for f/w 2006. I’ve sung both their praises before, but am delighted they’ve paired up and that Kokosalaki’s great work will be available to a broader demographic. Now if only a slightly more affordable version of her gorgeous cream leather jacket were produced, I’d be over the moon.


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