Shop French style

July 11, 2006

(via Zadig et Voltaire s/s 2006)

A francophile friend of mine returned from Paris a few years ago with a huge suitcase full of goodies from her year abroad in Paris. Ballet flats, Petit Bateau tees, a bountiful collection of cute goodies with names unknown to me from the French fashion capital. As I rummaged through her acquisitions from that memorable year, we came upon a few simple cotton pieces with the greatest little details – one being a basic cotton top in a beautiful grey-navy with a graceful oval scoop neckline (and it’s so hard to find great necklines these days!)

“It’s Zadig & Voltaire,” she enthused. “They make great stuff.” She needn’t have informed me of that so evident, but I wholeheartedly agreed. The shirt really was quite understated and seemingly innocuous, but it held a fine grace that was undeniably French.

Searching eBay France rarely turned up many Zadig & Voltaire gems (a sign of longevity as people rarely would dispose of fine goods), but to my delight Zadig & Voltaire recently unveiled an eShop (some s/s items on sale now!) to sell its wares to Z&V-less countries. Having expanded to the UK with a lone store in London, hopefully they will be crossing the pond in the near future.


3 Responses to “Shop French style”

  1. Lucinda Says:

    I love this. The fashion insight is dead on, and the writing is so sharp.

    Mi, do tell us, when will you have a shop of your own. When will you be relocating to Paris?

  2. minirobot Says:

    In good time, Lu. In good time.

  3. Ooh la la… I will have to check this out. I am always ordering great finds from abroad. French style is fantastic… I just started a new blog to rave about my favorite finds. If you have a chance please check out my French Products blog… no clothing is on it yet, though I do stress “yet”.

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