Seventy-eight dollars

July 11, 2006

Sale. Seventy-eight dollars. Alas a half size too small, but will that deter me, I wonder. Praise those web-boutiques for deeply discounted sale items.

While I’d like to support my favorite local boutiques, it is simply no contest when there are big savings to be had online. I wonder how this city manages to run on sales that are few and far between (on the real good stuff I mean), where items from over a year ago somehow resurface into the current season racks. How do they get away with it – or not perhaps, since the old stuff at full price still lingers shopside?

The power of the discount compels me. I think stores are righteous when they’re not afraid to slap big sales on their stock. Break even, win some, lose some: move on. I know it’s easier said than done for the small retailer, but isn’t that, in the end better for business?

More important perhaps is the dynamic relationship between eShops and street shops. Are physical stores’ revenues declining due to the competition brought by online shopping? How much has web shopping affected consumer behaviour and the retail industry? Must find statistics and do a little research.


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