Shoes with a sense of humour

July 10, 2006

(Angeline Tournier Archie comic wedges)

If I’m going to do wedges, I will do them big – and here they are: Angeline Tournier’s Archie comic wedges. I feel not only an aesthetic pull towards these shoes, but also an emotional one: I used to read Archie comics (as well as Betty & Veronica) as a kid, and though they rarely were funny, I really liked them and somehow amassed a small collection by the time I reached seven.

But in reading the story behind the collection, I felt even more drawn to the line, especially given the fact that the designer had been a lawyer for seven years before giving it all up in a ballsy move to pursue a life’s dream of shoe making – and including the larger foot into the realm of fashionable footwear – a move I really admire.

With the launch of the premier collection this s/s 2006, the line has already garnered a great deal of attention, and with the right price point, a great sense of humour and a heartwarming story behind it all, I really really like these shoes.


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