The t-shirt heralded ’round the world

July 1, 2006

(Photo from the great Facehunter)

I’ve discussed the many merits of this American Apparel t-shirt several times at length with friends, bought several colours, and wear them several times a week. It seems this little t-shirt has done the same the world over.

JC Report‘s current weekly mailer is singing the t-shirt’s praises:

” Fashionistas with a sharp eye for line know that a sexy, deep cut v-neck t-shirt is a rare find on the market. This summer American Apparel has stepped up to fill that gap with a limited-edition t-shirt in ecru, black, and white, and it’s become a ubiquitous sight on the streets of New York and LA, and a hot topic among early adopters who know a good item when they see it. It’s nothing more than a dramatic V extending just below the bust for both men and women, but we’re witnessing the creation of an instant classic. With such a buzz surrounding the item, get ready for AA to roll out the style in every shade.”

As well, everyone’s beloved Facehunter has captured the t-shirt in full force (and great style) on the Paris scene. I love that such a basic and cheap item such as this has the adoration of the people from the streets of Paris to New York to Montreal, etc.

While I might get more colours AA offers, I think I’ll be custom dying them to get them in my very favourites. Even if the quality control is questionable (one shirt produced a hole after a single wear), the shirt really is the little t-shirt that could.


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