Danny Deckchair

June 27, 2006

(Rick Owens fitted leather jacket)

The most memorable thing about the random Australian film entitled Danny Deckchair is the white biker jacket Miranda Otto busts out wearing in the last scene of the film. A shy, shrinking violet type character, it was this unexpected wardroboe shift that made me snap awake from the halfsleep the film put me in until that point (the film wasn’t terrible, actually. It’s kind of a cute romantic-comedy Australian style). Afterwards, I furiously searched on Google and imdb for the costume designer’s name and articles in the film’s wardrobes to no avail.

I haven’t found a white biker jacket to match the one in the film to date. Recently I may have stumbled across a version fairly faithful to the traditional biker jacket on eBay by Marc Jacobs, but I failed to make a bid. This one by Rick Owens is kind of close, but doesn’t have enough diagonal zippered pockets and lacks the crucial dirty quality of a good biker jacket.

That said, white/cream-toned leather is increasingly of interest. In fact, I have just acquired a cute pair of vintage white pixie boots with black stacked heels that has only further cemented this.

Further to that however, I have found that many of the vintage pieces I’ve obtained (particularly of the 80’s era) seem to harbour a curious smell – a smell, I’ve been told, akin to that of crack. Coincidence?

[NB: Seems that leather jackets will be the topic of discussion this week…]


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