What species?

June 25, 2006

(source: Paco Rabanne f/w 2006)

I really like Patrick Robinson's fall/winter collection for Paco Rabanne. The slick silhouette of his dresses is very tough-feminine, and paired with little bottines, the look is a very sexy one indeed.

I'm at a loss at what to call the garment above, however. Is it a poncho? A cape? A coat without sleeves? I know a term for it exists, and yet it doesn't seem to fit into any of the aformentioned categories. It can't be a poncho since there is an opening in the front along with holes for the hands, right? And a cape doesn't fasten all the way down the front since it is more like something just draped over the shoulders and flows down the back? I think that coat sans sleeves is the most fitting, but I feel that it is probably too inarticulate a term to actually be the name of a type of garment.

In any case, I like this type of outerwear – especially with the epaulets in Robinson's version, along with his geometric tops and square-neck long sleeved black dress and…..


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