Putty’s fur coat

June 24, 2006

(Via men.style.com Thom Browne f/w 2006)

Though it chafes to even think about fur right now, when I saw this coat from Thom Browne's f/w 2006 collection, I felt it looked really familiar. Lo and behold it is the same fur coat Putty had that Elaine so despised and threw out the window of an upper level apartment only to land in a tree and ultimately be found by Newman who then gave it to the superindentent's wife as a gift professing his love which ended up in Jerry claiming it was his in order to detract the attention from Newman which then in turn made the superintendent think Jerry was a real girlyman who was crying out for attention. The exact same!

Does the Thom Browne version also cry out "I am a girlyman! Give me attention!"??

That aside, his f/w collection is an amusing mix of overgrown schoolboys in the style of Christopher Robin and milkboys in wintery white shorts with high socks and garters – all on ice. Some looks made me think of Holden Caulfield and New England prep school boys and others made me think of Hogwarts. Needless to say, I think private school uniforms are the big influence here.


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