Wear your old ride

June 23, 2006

(Source: Kim White handbags)

The Green movement is slowly permeating the fashion industry where now you have organic cotton cropping up all over the place taking form as t-shirts and jeans, and sustainable practices translating into responsible production like Edun and Misericordia, and companies with philanthropic leanings such as Toms Shoes. And many designers have been recycling clothing and decontructing and reworking vintage for years.

We've seen old car seatbelts made into belts for jeans and used juiceboxes made into shopping bags, but upholstery from old automobiles recycled into cute handbags?

Want to tote around a part of a 1986 Volkswagen in style? How about a 1975 AMC Gremlin? The Kim White bags have a sturdy cute shape, and it is fascinating to see the great graphic prints that were made for car upholstery back then. It would be nice to see a revival of these prints in the cars manufactured today, but until then you can simply dangle the relics of the past on your wrist.


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