Where art thou split-toe ballerina?

June 21, 2006

A couple of years ago, I regrettably passed on a pair of canvas Margiela tabi booties from aloharag. They were available in khaki olive green and black and were adorable pull-ons, but I hesitated in buying them because I thought they were a little too severe, a bit too Antwerp 7. A year later while visiting Kamakura, Japan, I was at a temple where the groundsperson was wearing thin-soled tabi boots so formfitting they looked like socks. I found out that this style of boot was worn by workers for centuries – and later, on a hunt for Domo-Kun toys, I stumbled across this peculiar site that sells them. I haven't yet managed to get a pair for myself, but I intend to, oh yes.

I had forgotten about Margiela's trademark split-toes until recently, when I saw that Maison Martin Margiela created an enchanting incarnation of the split-toe as a satin ballerina flat for s/s 2006. I was breathless, but alas by merely a photograph and with no way of tracing the wheres and the how muchs of tracking them down. I can't seem to find information on them anywhere – it's as if they are a mythic creation, made only for the runway (though the photo is a still studio shot) and never produced.

Any information on the MIA Margiela split-toe ballerina flat? Leave a comment. Please.


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