A big bag

June 16, 2006

(Nam Kim's Fly-By-Night Bag via stars&infinitedarkness.com)

Richard Branson seemingly won the fight to have ownership over the word "virgin," and so virginthreads.com changed over to starsandinfinitedarkness.com. The switch, however did not affect their spirit and continued success showcasing independent and emerging designers of all kinds. There's some really cute jewelry on the site, and even Montreal's complex geometries sells its wares there.

A recent browse turned up an awesome and utilitarian bag by Nam Kim. Great for day trekking, carrying lunch and 'folios and the like. Getting tired of the big slouchy bag, this shape is a nice change of pace. Similar to the Chloe tote, this one is useful and much more down-to-earth – probably since it's a cute mushroom brown.

The 'Fly-By-Night' ships out the next day, but often on S.A.I.D. orders take 1-2 weeks to complete since most of their items are one of a kind. It gives the heart a tingle to think that someone out there is making something just for you, which of course only makes the wait absolutely worthwhile. It's nice to think that it's not factory made in volumes, but perhaps crafted in a cramped and cluttered studio apartment, with everything cut by hand and on the floor (causing many a-backache), and made with love and care.

The lives of emerging/independent designers can be tough at times, so give them your $upport.


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