Paisley, so pleasing

June 5, 2006

(Acne Jeans womens s/s2006)

I have had a long standing relationship with textiles and prints; it is one filled with warmth and great respect. Introduced to them from a young age through my mother's good taste, gingham, madras, paisley, and the liberty family are like childhood pals. Having had many a homemade dress in the aforementioned prints, I gravitate towards those classic prints.

Naturally, I am a lover of the Jessica Ogden-APC Madras mini-collection and have an odd fetish for plaid in general, but alas with Old Navy having coopted the plaid from India this season, I am a little reticent to don my own madras wares. Perhaps they can be shelved this year and brought back once new trends have swept it aside – then again, nothing is hotter than a madras plaid cotton sundress on a scorching summer's day.

And on the other hand, there is a wealth of more unusual prints to unearth and re-discover. Paisley, so pleasing, if I can find a nice print with good drape will be it. Acne integrated several pieces of paisley motif into their S/S 2006 line in mocha brown and dark aqua. I love how old prints still look fresh after all these years. Paisley holds more mystery than plaid and can also look insanely hot (as shown above).


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