May 31, 2006

I tried on this beauteous creation last week, so taken with the garment I immediately slipped it on, completely captivated by the unusual cut and shape. To my dismay, I looked like a turtle. The shopgirl informed me that Maria Cornejo's shapes are of a more voluminous nature, to which I nodded my head in agreement, but when I saw that the size was a six, I breathed a sigh of relief in the possibility that perhaps Zero can do volume nicely for the petite.

I was more intrigued when the shopgirl told me she had met Maria and said she was small too, and a very nice person to boot.   Not only that, she is environmentally conscious as well, apparently using sustainable fabrics – probably in the form of organic cottons, etc. Bravo! I have seen Maria's garments around, but in person they are quite something. They seem crafted with the utmost care, are understated and minimal but somehow are also quietly ornate.

Case in point: the oyster jacket in a stretch slub cotton. (Even the name is wonderful, the word "oyster" conjures up images of organic beauty). But darnit, only a store many miles a way has my size…I think I need to visit her new boutique in the West Village.


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